Our service

We develop, build, finance and operate solar power at your location.

Developing and Building


Operate your solar system

Solar energy as a service

SolarAccess now offers you the unique opportunity to generate sustainable energy on your own roof without investment from your part. With this proven formula, many companies have green roofs now.

SolarAccess has an experienced team of skilled professionals that constructs high-quality solar energy installations and has been active in solar energy for more than 15 years. Our team is committed to contributing to our mission of making our planet more sustainable. Moreover, our know-how is reflected in the design, choice of quality materials and construction of our projects. Our quality criteria lead to an optimum return on your solar energy installation whereby future maintenance costs are kept to a minimum. Key concepts for us are knowledge, quality, experience, solution-oriented and innovation. Because of these, our partners (customers, investors, financiers, suppliers and independent technical consultants) choose to work with SolarAccess again and again.

Service, maintenance and monitoring


Hundreds of installations are monitored daily by us and all installations are analyzed every 15 minutes.

Preventive maintenance

Periodic preventive maintenance of your installation is necessary. We assess the entire installation twice a year.


We can carry out the necessary maintenance for interventions at a reduced rate.

Replacement of materials

During the warranty period, we can replace the materials if needed. This option is also available after the warranty period is over.

Cleaning of the solar panels

In the event of pollution, we can professionally and safely clean the solar panels for you.


Depending on the option chosen, you will periodically receive a report on the progress of your installation.

Quickscan from your location

Managing solar parks

We manage your solar energy park, including reports to shareholders and banks, contract management, administration, accounting, etc. With our expertise and experience in this area, we can also be of service to your solar energy installation (s).