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We develop, build, finance and operate solar power at your location.

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Our Mission:

Working together towards a sustainable world

Our Goals:

  • Deliver sustainable energy at a competitive price.
  • Improve price and quality through efficiency and innovation.
  • Cooperation towards a common interest for all stakeholders.

Your sustainable energy facility without investments and without technical risks:

The Cost Reduction Program of SolarAccess is driven by the common goal to achieve the best price per kWh for our customers.

Based on our cost reduction program we focus on a reduction of the total cost of ownership. This reduction will lead to lower PPA prices. Lower PPA prices will make solar energy more competitive in comparison to traditional energy sources. Increased competitiveness enables to realize a large portfolio of solar PV projects, including locations where solar energy is not competitive yet.

With our experienced and solution-driven team and with our strong and reliable partners, we are pleased to be your sustainable partner.…Let’s make it happen!