High-quality solar energy installations

Our method

SolarAccess has an experienced team of skilled professionals to realize high-quality solar energy installations and has been active in solar energy for more than 15 years. To give you a clear picture of the process you will find the most important steps below:

1. Roof scan

We scan your roof for area (m2), shadow and obstacles using google maps. In this way we can estimate whether it is interesting for you to install solar panels at your location.

2. Offer

We make a suitable offer for you where you do not have to invest in the system and you can make your organization more sustainable. You can purchase the green energy that is produced at an energy rate that is lower than your rate for now and in the future for the entire duration.

3. SDE + subsidy application

  • When you accept the quotation, we apply for SDE + subsidy. Without this subsidy a project is not possible because then we cannot compete against the “gray” rate.
  • The processing of the application takes 12 weeks and is carried out by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.

4. Site visit & Stability research

  • During the site visit we investigate where the panels can best be placed; obstacles & orientation.
    In addition, a stability study is conducted by an independent party.
  • They check whether the bearing capacity of the structure is sufficient for the solar energy installation.

5. Contracts

  • Power supply agreement:
  • Right of Opstal (notarial)
  • Construction of the project starts after the contracts have been signed.

6.  Exploitation solar energy project

The exploitation of the solar energy project has a term of 16 years, after these 16 years the system will not disappear and will surely have 9 years of free electricity.

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