Volendam, The Netherlands

Kivo Volendam

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Customer description

KIVO is aware of its role in the environment.

The production of films not only costs, as with everything that is produced, energy and raw materials. Unfortunately, films made from plastics also contribute to the mountain of waste. KIVO is aware of this and is, therefore, rolling out a program with the aim of making an active contribution to reducing waste. A program that links up with all previous initiatives that KIVO has taken in recent years to reduce the amount of waste that is within its reach. As KIVO we strive to minimize the ecological footprint, within every step of the production and distribution chain.


Customer about the project

For family company Kivo Plastic Verpakkingen in Volendam, the scheme connected with the company mission. The company wants to make its most important product, the plastic bread bag, as sustainable as possible. Owner-director Robert Kwakman: "Flexible plastic has a bad image in the market. We tackle everything that contributes to making our product more sustainable. The solar panels will enable us to produce bread bags in an energy-neutral manner. "Kwakman looked critically at the costs and conditions.
"The costs per kWh are lower than the market price, which is important for us because there is fierce competition within the sector." By emphasizing the environmental interest, the price and the conditions (it is not an investment and does not have to be on the balance sheet), he convinced them. "This makes our chain a little more sustainable every time."
Robert Kwakman
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