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About us

What is SolarAccess

SolarAccess is a full-service provider of all-inclusive PPA projects, including development, construction and lifetime maintenance.

SolarAccess has an experienced team of skilled professionals to create high-quality solar power plants and has been active in solar energy for more than 15 years. Our team is driven to contribute to our mission and the sustainability of our planet. Moreover, our know-how is reflected in the design, choice of quality materials and construction of solar energy plants. Our quality criteria result in the optimal efficiency of your solar installation and future maintenance costs are kept to a minimum.


Solar Panels installed
Households with green electricity
Football fields covered

Our keywords are knowledge, safety, quality, experience, solution-oriented and innovation. Because of these, our partners (customers, investors, financiers, suppliers and independent technical consultants) choose to work with SolarAccess.

Made by SolarAccess:

  • 1.000.000 solar panels installed (= 5.000.000 m2= approx. 100.000 households electricity supply).
  • About 40% of these solar panels are operated by our maintenance and monitoring department.
  • 50% of the installed solar panels include our full-service solution, finance and maintenance.

Our Mission:

Working together towards a sustainable world

Our Goals:

  • Deliver sustainable energy at a competitive price.
  • Improve price and quality through efficiency and innovation.
  • Cooperation towards the common interest of all stakeholders.

SolarAcces possess wide experience and a solution-focused team; as well as highly respected partners and investors with whom we have installed capacity of more than 200 MWp.