Zoeterwoude, The Netherlands


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Customer description

We focus on obtaining value from waste.

We strive to be the leading waste-to-product company by contributing to a sustainable society for our most important stakeholders: customers, employees, local communities and our shareholders.


Customer about the project

404/5000 General Area Manager Marc van Buijtene states: "At Renewi, we give new life to used materials every day through recycling. In doing so, we are specifically concerned with sustainability and we are also continuing to implement this in our own business operations. The recycling halls at this location are already equipped with LED lighting and a roof surface that consists of 45 percent light-transmitting plates.
This way we benefit from sunlight and reduce energy consumption. We will soon be able to work CO2 neutral at this location and that is a great milestone ".
Marc van Buijtene
General Area Manager
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