Zaandam, The Netherlands


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Customer description

The circular economy and corporate social responsibility (CSR) play an important role within our organization. The CO2 performance ladder fits in well with this. Rutte Group has always done its best to keep its CO2 emissions as limited as possible. In response to the developments, the Rutte Group decided in 2012 to implement the CO2 performance ladder in its own organization at the third level.


Customer about this project

GroenLinks warmly welcomes the Rutte Group has purchased a location in Zaanstad, where the Smart Liberator from 2019/2020 - powered by 1.2 MW of solar panels -
will be put into operation. Reason enough to award the Sustainability Award 2018 of GroenLinks Zaanstad to the RUTTE GROEP because of the SMART LIBERATOR!
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